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    Ketan Doss isn't like everyone else in Ed-More, but if anyone found out, they'd make him disappear. So Ketan pretends to believe that everyone is the same, that the Enforcers hunted down the animals, and that Ed-More is the safest place for him to be.

    Tragedy attacks, and Ketan finds himself in a forced friendship with Rhett, the school rebel. Their disdain for one another limits their capacity to work as a team, but over time, Ketan discovers his own abilities and his own identity as a shapeshifter; a Tarian. Ketan and Rhett try to find other Tarian in Ed-More before they run out of time.

    And before the Enforcers find out who they really are.

    Scrambling to rebuild a dying species, Ketan must work with human and Tarian alike to find the others like him, reveal the lies that bind them, and find a way to overcome his own inhibitions.