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    Darling Dinosaurs: Charted for Counted Thread Embroidery & Applique. Designed by Jean D. Crowther. This book contains really-cute patterns for ten different dinosaurs and provides short factual descriptions of their species.The ten "loveable lizards" designs are: Brenda Brontosaurus, Anthony Anatonsaurus, Tyler Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stephanie Stegosaurus, Trisha Triceratops, Andrew Ankylosarus, Peggy Plesiosaur, Sylvester Styracosaurus, Peter Protoceratops, and Penelope Pteranodon. These original illustrations, designed in simple backstitch outlines, can be stitched on even-weave material, or on clothing with waste canvas, or the designs can be adapted as appliques. Detailed instructions are included as well as an alphabet for personalization. Every young child loves dinosaurs, and these stitched designs can help them learn their shapes. They'll also enjoy the child-pleasing smile on each of the

    Author: Jean D. Crowther.