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    Struggling through college and balancing her summer job in Yellowstone Park with the Wylie Camping Company, Carrie McKay simply doesn't have time to consider romance. Spanish American War Veteran Sergeant Major Ramsay Stiles also isn't looking for love, busy with his own complicated affairs. But as the magic of Yellowstone starts making its way into their hearts, both begin to see love move up their priority list.

    Overall Customer Rating of 3 Reviews:

    A wonderful romance with a history lesson

    I've been to Yellowstone several times before and found it very interesting to get a glimpse of what it was like over one hundred years ago. I didn't realize that it was called "Wonderland" by some back then. I really enjoyed the descriptions.

    The story started off at a meandering pace, picking up a little by mid-point. Ramsay and Carrie are each likable characters, especially when they set off on a new job assignment with Mrs. LaMarque. I love their sweet interactions and the way they both learn to deal with this temperamental woman. They have strengths that they don't even realize, which is endearing.

    Yellowstone is a magical setting and no one is immune to its charms. I love the parts with the bears and the changes that the park goes through, as well as the wonderful character growth.

    Content: mild violence (descriptions of war, etc); mild romance.

    *I received a copy through the publisher, which didn't affect my thoughts in any way.*

    Loved this endearing story!

    • characters
    • romance
    • candid descriptions
    COURTING CARRIE IN WONDERLAND was an honest and heartfelt story splendidly told. It's a story where love creeps up on these characters from the start and the reader can't help but to love every minute of it. Historical and romance readers alike will love this story!

    I loved every single page of this book! I adored these characters! I don't know how this author does it every single time, but the characters come alive so vividly and you can't help but fall in love with them. I loved the humor and sarcasm and whit. I loved the way the romance blossomed between two individuals who doubted so much about themselves and their chances with each other. I cried for them and hoped for them. I especially loved how perfectly their story ends, or begins, as it may be.

    The author gives such a candid view of everything, making it all feel authentic and, at the same time, come alive. I could see the picturesque scenes from Yellowstone National Park and envision the people at work and at play there. I felt for the crazy circumstances with the wildlife, some inadvertently treated so poorly or without knowing the future consequences. The historical setting came alive with the easily visualized styles of dress and mannerisms. Now I'm hankering to go visit Yellowstone and see these wonders for myself, even though I know views are much more restricted than they were then.

    In the end, was it what I wished for? Yes! This was a beautiful and endearing story from beginning to end and definitely one that I highly recommend!

    Content: Clean

    Source: Received a complimentary copy from the publisher, which did not require a review nor affect it in any way.


    Love this great romance book set in Yellowstone Park!

    Carla Kelly really has a way with writing a great romance story! I also really like the way she includes history in her romance story.

    I really enjoyed the love story in this book. Ramsey is in the army, stationed in Yellowstone Park aka Wonderland. I thought it was really funny the way that Ramsey was ordered by his superiors to find a wife. And he thought there was no way that could ever happen. He's in the army remember, and his assignment in Yellowstone Park is to talk with everyone in the park, both workers and visitors and make sure that everyone is happy. All. The. Time. Wow. Now he can pass on the hardest assignments to his superiors if he needs to, but his job is really full and busy. I really love his love for animals, and the way he sees things needing to change to be better for the animals in the park. No more handouts for the bears or trying to kill the wolves would be his highest ideals.

    Then there's Carrie. She's working as a pie maker in the Wylie Camping Company, just as she does every summer. She's trying to pay her own way through school and she needs every penny she can make from her salary to her tips. I loved Carrie. I loved the way she had risen over her circumstances and was working hard to make her life better. But she's never down or grumpy, she always takes her circumstances as they are and is just happy about life.

    I loved the twists and turns that brought these two together. I loved the way they met! Carrie hanging out in the outhouse waiting for a bear to leave. She doesn't realize he already has and is calling out to whoever is outside to answer her. Ramsey comes upon the scene, not realizing there had been a bear! It's just a really funny scene.

    This is a cute, clean story that I really enjoyed reading! I love Carla Kelly's books!