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A Christmas Moment - New Version
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Husband and wife James and Della hardly speak to each other anymore. He's always in that dratted garage, while she finds sanctuary in her garden. Since Grandpa died, nothing has really been the same---nothing, that is, until the letter. The beautiful, miraculous letter, lost in the mail and suspended in time---the letter that just might save Christmas for their family. By Carol Lynn Pearson

Forever Santa
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Carla Kellys Christmas Collection - Paperback
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Come explore Regency London with Carla Kelly! Featuring four stories that will warm your heart with romance and Christmas cheer: "The Christmas Ornament," "Make a Joyful Noise," "An Object of Charity," and "The Three Kings."

Widows Mite - Booklet, The
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Carol, a young widow, tries to provide a magical Christmas for her two young boys on an impossibly small budget. But when she's put in charge of the elementary school's Christmas fundraiser, it seems that filling someone else's needs is just too much to handle - until she remembers that with the Savior, all things are possible.

Sounds of Christmas Booklet, The
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You and your family will feel the spirit of Christmas as you learn the history of songs such as ""O Holy Night,"" and the new classic ""Mary, Did You Know?"" Spread Christmas cheer as you share the true sounds of the season and capture the real meaning of Christmas with this affordable gift for your family, friends and neighbors.

Saving Savanna
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Devan can't help but blame God for his wife's death, so the last thing he wants to do this holiday season is celebrate. But when his daughter, Savanna, makes a special Christmas wish, their little family will never be the same. Filled with faith and tenderness, this heartwarming story is sure to remind you of the real power behind the magic of Christmas.

Jeremys Christmas Journey - Hardcover Book / Music CD
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For Jeremy, Christmas is just another reminder that he'll never be able to enjoy the things that come so easily to other children. Then one night he has a dream that will change everything. Accompanied by stirring music, this story of finding faith and discovering the power of the Master Healer is sure to be cherished at Christmastime and all year long.

Book of Mormon Christmas, Book & CD
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Relive the first Nephite Christmas with pictures, scriptures, and family favorite Christmas carols. This beautiful book and CD share the Nativity story, as told in the Book of Mormon. Perfect for family home evenings, primary lessons, or any family gathering, it also makes a wonderful gift. Invite the Spirit into your home this holiday season with a scripture story the whole family will love!

Stars, Stockings, and Shepherds
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Do you know the symbolism behind evergreens, sheep, or the color red? This adorably illustrated picture book teaches the meanings behind 24 Christmastime objects and is the perfect gift for any children, parents, or grandparents on your list. Make your family’s holiday season one to remember with this inspiring reminder of the gospel roots behind our treasured Christmas traditions.

Christmas Experiment, The - Paperback
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Christmas is supposed to be the most wonderful time of year, but it's easy to get caught up in all the festivities, making it the most stressful time of year. Sharing her stories of success in taking the metaphorical journey to Bethlehem, Denise Wamsley offers six steps to put Christ back into Christmas. This year, don't get overwhelmed when December rolls around. Use The Christmas Experiment to simplify your holiday and bring your family closer to Christ.

Kris Kringles Magic
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In a world where elves are only slaves, one boy is determined to make things right. With the elves' help, Kris decides to begin with the children. But can a pile of gifts on Christmas Eve really change anything? This enchanting story is sure to captivate kids of all ages. An instant holiday classic you'll want to read again and again!

Carving Angels
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Papa Adam, the North Pole's oldest elf and Santa's former chief carver, has given up. Blind, frail, and useless, he counts the minutes in every day as he waits to die. But a challenge to carve, given by his youngest granddaughter, reawakens Papa Adam. Together they prove that the most paralyzing thing you can do is underestimate or undervalue anyone, especially yourself. With the right love and encouragement, anything is possible.