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    Whether you're a new teacher or a seasoned veteran, preparing Relief Society lessons just got easier with this resource. With a chapter summary, pertinent quotes, relevant hymns, and a helpful handout for each lesson in the manual, you can focus on personalizing the lessons for the sisters in your ward.

    Author: Todd Huisken
    Specifications: 96 pages - 8 x 8
    Expected Release: Early December 2016

    Overall Customer Rating of 3 Reviews:

    Bible Origami

    Here are the top 5 reasons that this book is AMAZING:

    1) Anyone can do this! Even people with no natural ability (like me) can do this with the easy instructions and diagrams in the book. They can start with the easier designs and then work their way up to the more complex ones. And all you need is the book and some paper to fold.

    2) Keeping wiggly hands busy! Let's face it, folding the service programs at church into paper airplanes is maybe not the most appropriate activity. Kids (or adults) can learn to create origami that is related to the gospel instead. Busy hands = quiet, reverent children.

    3) Reinforce lessons! At church last Sunday the children had a lesson about the Ten Virgins. I thought to myself, wouldn't it be cool to have the kids make their own origami lamp as a follow-up to studying this parable? They could do this at the end of their class, or with their families or church group during the week. It could also be used in home-schooling or religious schools.

    4) Missionary tool! How fun would it be to have a missionary teach someone a parable from the Bible and then make an origami item to leave behind as a keepsake? Or perhaps to leave a note on an origami creation when trying to reach someone who isn't home.

    5) Family fun! Families can work on this together. This is a great way for people to use hand-eye coordination and to increase their spatial abilities and confidence. It is also a great Sabbath-day activity for families. Family members can create their own figures to teach lessons at Family Night or this can be a Family Home Evening group activity.


    Great book to keep little hands busy during church meetings!

    One of my very favorite things about blogging about books is running across fun books like this to review! I love seeing all of the great things that are out there to keep your kids occupied during church meetings and this one is just great!

    What better idea is there than to keep your hands busy and your mouth quiet (hopefully) while sitting in Sacrament meeting. And, they usually give you a program that you can use for paper, bonus! I loved the cute ideas in this book. Each of the ideas goes with a scripture story. The illustrations were cute and I completely loved that there were fun facts about each of the stories to go along with the origami idea. I also loved that there are different skill levels represented, there are even a couple of different origami models in different skill levels - genius! I have included just a couple of pictures that I thought were perfect for this Christmas season, Baby Jesus in his manger.

    This is a cute, fun book that kids of all ages will enjoy!


    Bible Origami is Challenging and Uplifting Fun

    • Challenging
    • Multi-level
    • Uplifting Subj
    • No color pictures
    • Language can be vague
    Bible Origami is a well developed beginning teaching book with a family friendly theme and uplifting subject. It guides you through the process step by step with clear pictures and written directions. Initially I thought my younger kids would enjoy doing this project with me as a quiet time activity. However, it is geared to an older child/adult. Possibly I would suggest it for a middle school aged kid at the youngest. I appreciated the origami techniques the book taught in the beginning it allowed you as a reader to get a good foundation of the basics. Definitely practice those before jumping in. There are also little tidbits and facts sprinkled throughout the book that I found entertaining and interesting. Be ready to take some time and be patient to figure this one out, but it comes as you practice. I found this art to be meditative and enjoyable after I overcame my initial frustrations. It was a puzzle well worth figuring out for the peaceful activity I found to enjoy

    My main critique is that I wish there was more full color pictures of the finished products rather than just drawn. And at times the directions are a bit vague, yet I was able to follow after some study.

    I received this book for free. All opinions and information are my own. AND I really did enjoy this one and suggest it!


    Fearlessly Creative Mammas