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    See the familiar nativity story in a whole new light! This illustrated picture book shows how Heavenly Father prepared his people by sending angels to share the good news of the Savior's birth. From Isaiah till the night Jesus was born, this book is sure to inspire the whole family at Christmastime and all year long!

    Dona Wilding Haws wrote Sonnets of Faith, a collection of sixty sonnets in theShakespearean style, each referencing a passage from the Bible, illustrated byDan Burr and published by Ambassador International in 2015. "The GoodnightTrain" is great fun as illustrated in two double-page spreads in the August2015, Friend Magazine. Her lyrics for "Do Your Duty," with music by K. Newell Dayley, received an award in the LDS Church Music Competition, 2010. Dona has a degree in Psychology from Brigham Young University, believes in the power of forgiveness, and delights in seeing beauty in all of God's creations.