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    Discover your own personal princess story. This inspiring book helps you see your divine potential, recognize your inner princess, and learn how the plan of happiness is just like a fairy tale. Perfect for young women, moms, leaders, and princesses of all ages, this is an enchanting read that will guide you on the path to your own happily ever after.

    Author: Jaci Wightman
    Specifications: 208 pages - 6 x 9
    Expected Release: Early January 2016

    Overall Customer Rating of 5 Reviews:

    Really hit home

    I've always been a sucker for a princess story and I loved the way this author tied in a classic fairy tale formula with real life and our divine potential. Each chapter is set up as an element of a fairy tale and really brought things home for me. I learn well with metaphors and comparisons and this book does a good job of relating life to a typical girl's hopes and dreams in a way that, for me, is understandable.

    As I read through, I could see things in a new way, but I will admit, the things I saw didn't always make me happy. Who wants to hear that you're not as good as you thought you were? I sure don't! I attend my religious meetings, I try to be kind, I do my best to give service and to go through the motions of what I'm "supposed" to do, but there are still miles worth of improvement! And that's not something I wanted to hear. For example, if I've had a bad day, I'm a little depressed, I'm overwhelmed, stressed, or discouraged, where do I turn? Oh, yeah, straight to a hard run, a carton of Ben & Jerry's, or some good upbeat (or sometimes depressing--depending) music. Where should I turn? To the scriptures, to the Lord, to the gospel. Yikes. What makes me feel good about myself? Losing weight, looking good, and feeling liked by others. Does that really matter? Uh, no. That's not what it's about and that really pierced me to the core. I'm doing things all wrong!

    I enjoyed the layout of the story and the way scriptures, quotes, and stories are tied in. I also like how each chapter has a small section for additional study to delve deeper into the subject. This is a good book to read if you have a teen, or to have her read, or to even just read yourself, especially if a good discussion is involved and each chapter is savored.

    Content: this is specific to the LDS faith and views are relevant to that religion, but good points can be drawn for anyone Christian.

    *I received a copy in exchange for an honest review*

    Murray, UT

    Very Entertaining and Spritual

    Any book about a princess or fairy tale and you already have my heart captured. But this book, oh my goodness; let me just tell you that I am in love!! I love watching disney movies and any type of princess movies and finding the parallels and liking them unto the gospel. I love digging deep into a good fairy tale to find the hidden message of how it relates to me and my purpose as a child of God, but this book...WOW it goes way beyond that.

    Jaci takes an incredible approach to explaining the plan of happiness and the gospel teachings and she ties them into every princess you can think of. She even ties all the villains such as Ursula and Gothel into the story as well. I just couldn't put the book down as I started to understand things that had never even crossed my mind.

    For any girl that is struggling with her testimony, for any girl who is looking to build a testimony, for any girl that loves the gospel but wants to understand the deeper doctrine, for any girl that loves princesses, for any leader who is a mentor to a girl...this book is for you!

    I just wish this book would have been around when I was in the Young Women's program, I think I misunderstood a bit of the doctrine and this book is incredible at both powerful and simple. Jaci uses SO MANY scripture references, which I LOVE! The girls can go through and mark their scriptures like a fairy tale.

    Lots to think about!

    As I'm writing this review, I'm only on page 67 out of 179. For some reason my book was delayed in the mail so I've had just about a week to read it, but I'll give you a part of the way through review!

    The back of the book says this,

    "Filled with hardship and happiness, a princess and her prince, an evil villain, and an epic battle, fairy tales draw us into the adventure. But these stories aren't far from reality. You are living your own personal princess story!

    Discover how the Lord's plan of happiness is just like a fair tale with this inspiring book for women of all ages. Learn to see your divine potential and recognize your inner princess. This enchanting read will guide you to build a closer relationship with the Prince, return to the King, and find your own happily ever after."

    I'll admit, the word princess got me hooked. As someone who grew up on Disney movies and went to Disneyland every year, anything princess related is a win for me. I've always been able to see the gospel comparisons in Disney movies, because I'm a freak like that.

    I wanted to read this book because I love the "fluffiness" of the gospel and the title made it sound like there would be lots of fluffiness. To me, the fluffy parts of the gospel are the things like reading your scriptures, going to Relief Society, being grateful, keeping a journal etc. I've always struggled to be more excited about the deep ol doctrines of the gospel, although I'm trying to deepen my gospel studies.

    Guess what? This book has both. From the get-go it's a lovely and easy read, but chock full of deep doctrine that makes me go, "Holy crap this gospel is AMAZING."

    The author does a great job sharing fairy tale stories and comparing them to the plan of salvation. She also shares some stories from the Chronicles of Narnia and quotes by Elder Jeffrey R Holland who is the & C.S. Lewis makes me all kinds of happy to be a Christian.

    I'll be honest and say this book is not a page turner. I'm not staying up late every night desperate to read more. But when I do read it, I have to take my time and soak in all the greatness that is in this book. I would definitely recommend it for young adult women, and even young women age if they're up for a good gospel read. We are all just living in our own fairy tales! :)

    (I received this book free of charge from Cedar Fort Books in exchange for an honest review)


    I enjoyed this book!

    I enjoyed reading this book. It's written in a fairy-tale style with you starring as the princess. In each chapter, the author provides the reader with a challenge to learn more about herself by reading in the scriptures and writing in her journal.

    This is one of those books that you actually want to be able to read more slowly so that you can learn more about yourself, even taking the time to re-read some of the chapters would be very helpful.

    I'm excited to share this book with my own daughter so that she can learn more about herself and about how she can become the princess that she was meant to be.


    Entertains, Educates, and Edifies Women of all Ages and Stages of Life

    If you love fairy tales but still believe you have to work for your own happy ending then you'll love all the analogies Author Jaci WIghtman weaves together into her newest book, "A Princess Story." As an author myself and someone who writes about and teaches the importance of seeing ourselves as precious daughters of God, I welcome Jaci's creativity. Her creative uses of well-known fairy tales to explain key doctrinal principals, pertaining to the gospel of Jesus Christ, is so clever! You'll read chapter after chapter and say, "Oh, I've never thought of it in that way before! " Kudos to Jaci for delivering a book that entertains, educates, and edifies women of all ages and stages of life. As a mother of three daughters, I'm anxious to share with them what I've learned from "A Princess Story."

    --Author, Jodi Marie Robinson "A Royal Guardian", "Precious in His Sight", "Women of Virtue,

    and Co-host of