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    Make memories your girls and boys will treasure forever. Gemma Touchstone, creator of Party Style and editor-in-chief of Party Style magazine, knows how to make celebrations memorable. Here she shares her style to make parties for kids from babies to teenagers a hit! This book contains must-read tips, lists of supplies, easy and elegant DIY craft ideas, sweet food, snacks and drinks, and cool themes to help you party in style.

    Party in style!

    Enjoy easy entertaining. Filled with DIY decoration ideas and tons of time-saving tips, this book lets you create one-of-a-kind events that your guests will never forget.

    Try these crowd-pleasing treats at your next gathering.

    • Crazy Cotton Candy Dip
    • Bacon Burger on a Stick
    • Lasagna in a Jar
    • Grilled Cheese Station
    • Noah's Horchata

    This book is like your own personal party planner with quizzes, timelines, checklists, sample menus, and decorative crafts. Perfect for parents, teachers, and teens! No matter how big or small your soirée, Party Style makes it easy to create the celebration of your dreams for all your friends and family to enjoy.

    Exclusive downloadable party planning guide and hundreds of party printables available.

    Author: Gemma Touchstone
    Specifications: 198 pages - 7x7
    Expected Release: Early October 2015

    Overall Customer Rating of 3 Reviews:

    Best Party Book on the Market hands Down!

    LOved this book!!! I follow Gemma Touchstones Blog and this book was full of new information and didn't miss a beat

    Fantastic and Full of Great Ideas!

    This book caught my attention because it's full of ideas for kids' parties. I struggle in the creativity department and know that I can use some help. This book is fantastic!!

    In this book, Ms. Touchstone starts with the basics: create a party planning folder and determine the what, when, where, who and how. In the next chapter, there's a quiz to determine your party style. I am classically classic: love clean lines, preppy colors and classic party activities and tend to consider guests and organization over other aspects of the party.

    The next thing to do is determine the theme and location. At the end of the book, she shares pictures and ideas for parties she's planned and there are some fun ones that can get the creative juices flowing!

    There's tons more: timeline checklist (starting 6 weeks prior to the party, which I thought sounded hefty until I realized that I would need that much time to make sure I got everything done), modern day etiquette and formalities, and decorations and tips for a successful party. Then comes the menu selection. This section is lengthy and full of ideas which will be a hit for all ages from small children to teenagers (and even adults)!

    This is a book that is packed with helpful information! I will be referencing it often in the next few years and I'm already feeling more confident that I can pull off creative, fun parties without being too overwhelmed! If you're always looking for fresh, new party ideas or are creatively challenged like me, this is a book you will want to own!

    I received a copy of this book to review. My opinion is 100% my own.

    Salem, OR

    Giving a Memorable Kid's Party

    “What type of party will it be? When is the date for the party? Where is the ideal location? Who will be invited? How large a party will it be?” Gemma Lynn Touchstone asks in her book, Party in Style: Kids’ Parties from Baby to Sweet 16.

    ~ What ~

    At two-hundred pages, this paperback targets those that want to give children’s parties with fun, flair, and style. It caters to the infant to sweet sixteen age but contains entertaining tips that can be used for any social event or celebration.

    With thumbnail to full-page full-color photographs, there are ten chapters covering the topic of arranging parties, ending with style partners, go-to-guides, notes, acknowledgments, and the author’s biography. Colored backgrounds with white wording contain lists, directions, and instructions.

    Promoting a pre-planning folder, trend board, and checklist starting six week prior to the event, added are ideas for decorating, games to play, party themes, drinks, snacks, food stations, and selective party styles.

    ~ Why ~

    If you need suggestions throwing a comprehensive party that both children and adults will enjoy, this book has a plethora of information. From printed invitations, banners, and games/activities to drinks such as cotton candy mocktail or bubble boba delight to fairy bread pinwheels and pancake or doughnut stations, there are plenty of options.

    ~ Why Not ~

    Some may think the book is somewhat decadent, trying to supercede other parents as they prepare the “best party ever” for their children.

    ~ Who ~

    Author Touchstone is a publication editor-in-chief, designer, entrepreneur, and style maven. She lives in California with her two children.

    ~ Wish ~

    It would be helpful to have an index at the back of the book to quickly look something up. Unless I missed it, I did not notice any information regarding suggestions of party favors.

    ~ Want ~

    If you are looking for a book of party ideas for your kids that are more of a production than a casual get-together, this may be the book for you.

    Thanks to Cedar Fort for furnishing this complimentary book in exchange for a review of the reader’s honest opinion.