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    Author: David A. Christensen. Expected Release: Early September, 2015.

    Enjoy a happier, healthier life—starting with an attitude of gratitude! Research and revelation have both declared that staying thankful results in a host of benefits and blessings. You will be grateful for this book which contains a full month of ideas, quotes, and scriptures to get you feeling more grateful and help you see the Lord’s hand in your life.

    Overall Customer Rating of 4 Reviews:

    Loved it!

    This book is set up with 31 teachings or devotionals to focus on gratitude. It has a quote from a general authority in the LDS Church, a small parable or lesson, scripture references, and an ending thought. Christensen says that you can read these one of two ways--straight through, or take one teaching a day. That is what I've decided to do--one a day. Every day, when I wake up, I read two chapters of scriptures (right now I just finished 2 Kings), and then I'll read one teaching from this book. So, to be honest, I'm not finished with it, but it has done wonders to help me begin each day with gratitude. I am also highlighting all the references in my scriptures as they have to do with gratitude. But, even in my personal scripture study, I'm noticing more and more verses of gratitude and thanksgiving. It truly is what Christ wants us to do. I've seen myself kneel and say morning prayers more often, and my evening prayers are more full of gratitude. It has really helped improve my mental and emotional health, as well as strengthen my testimony and faith in Christ and His Church. Whether you are Mormon or not, I strongly suggest this book to help in your study of gratitude and recognizing all of God's blessings in your life!

    And, because Christensen (and I) want you to focus more on the blessings in your life, we are offering a free e-copy of this book. It will be a digital copy, not a hard or soft cover tangible book. But, that way, you can put it on your smart phone or tablet and take it to church with you or on the road!


    Get this book to read before Thanksgiving!

    I really enjoyed reading this book by David A. Christensen. It was an easy read and I loved the layout of it. There are 31 teachings (or chapters) which is perfect for an entire month. I would encourage everyone to buy it and make it a family tradition to read before Thanksgiving! The chapters are not long. Each chapter has a quote, a story of some sort, some questions to answer in your own personal journal, and Christensen's remarks. Now, isn't "having a thankful heart" easy? Can't we just say "Thank you!" and be done with it? No! I love how Christensen really dove into this great commandment (a commandment that I think is overlooked). He talked about being thankful in ways I have never thought about before. Christensen did seem repetitive at some points, but I think it was for emphasis. Some of my favorite chapters were on the Atonement and the sacrifice of our Savior, Jesus Christ. I even found myself tearing up in some of the stories. It really helped me discover more about myself and how grateful I am to live the life I live! I think that is what Christensen was getting at.. We owe everything to God and we need to thank Him! We need to see the good in it all and be less self-centered. I would definitely recommend this book to read by yourself, with your spouse, or the whole family!


    I have mentioned before that I went through a very hard, dark depression for a few months. But in that devastating period I learned the power of gratitude!

    So when I saw this book I knew I had to read it for I am a firm believer in how impactful a grateful heart can be on your life and your health.

    I also LOVE "31-day books"-- where you can spend the whole month studying, underlining, and pondering.

    I have been studying the "attitude of gratitude" for about 9 years now and I actually learned some new things from this book--

    I was also reminded of some gratitude that I still have to work on :)

    This book gives you thoughts, quotes, examples, questions, and scriptures to increase your understanding.

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVED studying this book!

    It is SO WORTH reading!

    DO NOT PUT THIS OFF-- Grab a copy and start your own "attitude of gratitude."

    A Thankful Heart. 31 Teachings to recognize blessings in your life.

    From Reeves Raves: I really enjoyed this book. It is full of uplifting messages and stories that help you to be thankful for so many things and the beautiful life that you have. I like the little exercises of writing down in journal or self examinations at the end of each small chapter. One of the chapters talks about how we forget just how blessed we are, we start feeling entitled with so many things that are all actually gifts to us, from our loving Heavenly Father. This inspirational book is one of my favorites for sure, and definitely one that I will re-read.