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    Coming home from your mission can be an exhilarating and frustrating experience. With so many opportunities for school, dating, and a social life, you may not be sure how to cover all of your expenses, and that can often lead to debt. As almost everyone has experienced, debt can snowball until a little has suddenly become a lot.

    In Learning to Prosper: Finanical Success After Your Mission, Dustin Robison shows you how to use habits learned in the mission field and, with a spirit of entrepreneurship, apply them in the real world to gain financial stability and even prosperity. Each chapter covers a different topic in relation to finance, such as:

    Setting goals and planning
    Paying taxes wisely

    An application exercise at the end of each chapter will help you immediately apply these lessons in your life. The valuable information on each page of Learning to Prosper makes it the perfect guide for any returned missionary seeking financial security.

    Dustin Robison is a successful entrepreneur and investor. After serving a mission in Lima, Peru, Dustin attended BYU, where he forever changed his perspective on earning money. He wants everyone to have a chance to graduate from college debt-free with a good start toward wealth and prosperity.