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Converted: True Conversion Stories from 13 Religions
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Before Alonzo Gaskill was a popular BYU professor and best-selling author, he was an altar boy in the Greek Orthodox Church. Discover his journey firsthand as he and fourteen others share their profound stories of conversion to the restored gospel from very different religious backgrounds. These inspiring true stories give you a new perspective on your faith.

The Golden Verses
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So declares the old bookseller as he shuffles into Charles's bookshop. He unloads what appear to be beat-up and worthless Bibles on the hapless Charles, proclaiming that certain people in the small town need the books desperately. He promises that when the passages printed in gold are read, the scriptures come to life. Among the six people to buy the Bibles are Theo Atwood, an agnostic mortician whose business is suddenly threatened by a new, believing undertaker; Lottie Mariah, a hairdresser...

Military Scripture Tote - Classic Black
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Created in the colors of our honored military, these scripture totes are perfect for those serving our country or anyone else. The main section fits a regular quad or a Bible and a triple combination, along with a pencil to mark scriptures and a pad of paper to take notes. This stylish tote will make sure your hero has everything he or she needs close by for scripture study!