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Ebook - An Errand for Emma
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All ebook purchases include DRM-free downloads of the .MOBI file (Kindle, Kindle App) and the .EPUB file (iBooks, Nook, etc.).As the Emma Trilogy begins, Emma Dalton is eager to have a memorable summer before starting college at BYU, and she gets her wish.Emma's desire to uncover the truth about a mysterious ancestor sends her on an errand for the Lord in a place she's never imagined\u2014the untamed West of the 1860s. A chance meeting with Brigham Young puts her on track to find the answers...

Ebook - Quantum Deception
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All ebook purchases include DRM-free downloads of the .MOBI file (Kindle, Kindle App) and the .EPUB file (iBooks, Nook, etc.).The FBI Suburban was already waiting for Tanner in the parking lot. He ran up to it just as the rear passenger door opened from the inside. Tanner jumped in and closed the door before realizing the woman sitting next to him wasn't Agent Heywood. It was Reina, dressed in a blonde wig and wearing Sara's clothes. It took Tanner a moment to realize that he was being...

Horse Stone House
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""I 've read a book I believe in! And you tell me I shouldn't believe. Why can't God talk to us today? ""When Emmeline confides to Lydia that she has been reading the Book of Mormon, Lydia is shocked and dismayed. How could her best friend, a solid, honest person, believe in something so blasphemous as new scripture and modern prophets? Lydia knows she can never accept Emmeline's new faith, but out of respect for her friend, she agrees to read the book. And the more she...

Judge Me, Dear Reader (New Cover)
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""Oh, be careful as you judge Emma, dear reader!"" Few characters in Church history are as misunderstood as Emma Smith. A member of the Church from the beginning and a staunch supporter of her husband through his trials and eventual death, Emma lived a difficult life, yet many wonder how she could have turned her back on the beliefs that she held so strongly and suffered so much for. Judge Me, Dear Reader is the story of Emma, one of the greatest champions - and most...

Against the Giant
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Ancient Israel faces a terrible threat - the Philistines! David is a young Israelite who trusts the Lord. But being the youngest can be hard. While David tends sheep, his older brothers are out battling the Philistines. They come back boasting of their strength and telling tales of their enemy. The Philistines are stronger, larger, and have better weapons. In contrast, the Israelites are fewer, smaller, and have weapons of only stone and stick. No one wants to fight the fearsome Philistines....

Spare Change
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New Year's resolutions are one of Riley's least favorite things - until this year. Twenty-three and single, Riley thinks resolutions should be fun, not hard. Just before midnight, she vows to make the easiest resolution ever: save her pennies and at the end of the year, buy something nice for herself. Easy! ...Or is it? Working at a cancer treatment center can change one's perspective, and before long Riley decides to donate her extra money to cancer research rather than reward herself. At...

Torn Apart
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Alyson thinks her life is perfect. Hectic and tiring, of course, but no more so than any other wife and mother of four boys. But with her husband becoming increasingly distant, Alyson wonders if there s something she s doing wrong. Little does she know that the actions of someone she loves dearly are about to change her life forever.Alyson never imagined it could happen to her, and when it did, she realized it could happen to anyone . . .Based on a true story, Torn Apart is a heartrending...

Finding Faith Trilogy, Book 2: Having Hope
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Kit Matthews has waited for her missionary, Adam Bridger, for two long years. Just as they are getting to know each other again, Kit experiences feelings that she cannot ignore promptings that take her halfway around the world.Kit s soul is stirred by the plight of the orphans of Romania, and the connection she feels is compounded by her own abandonment at birth. Kit meets a charismatic Romanian medical student, Marcel, who shares her desire to help the children. When she challenges Marcel to...

Altared Plans - Paperback
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The perfect day. The perfect marriage. The perfect groom. What could go wrong?Caitlyn has been preparing for her perfect wedding all her life. But when her fianc abandons her at the altar, Caitlyn vows she ll never love again.Going to BYU doesn t make that easy, however, and avoiding all social contact can only last so long. When her bishop calls her to be the mom of her family home evening group, Caitlyn is suddenly thrust into surprising circumstances that leave her flustered the attention...

Balls In Her Court, The
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Growing up in the foster care system was no picnic, but after being adopted into a loving LDS family, playing college basketball, and launching her career in the software industry, Denise Dewalt finally feels as though she s left her former life behind her. What she doesn't realize is that she must confront her past if she ever wants to move on to a brighter future. While her search for her biological family isn't an easy one, Denise s biggest fear is that even when she finds her family, she...

Cartels and Combinations - Paperback
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Mike McPheters, author of Agent Bishop, is back with the harrowing account of a Mexican-American family caught in the crossfire between the Vultures, a dangerous drug cartel, and US Homeland Security. Based on a true story, Cartels and Combinations proves the reality of latter-day evil and how we can find protection and peace in heeding the words of ancient and modern prophets and apostles alike.

Borrowed Light - Paperback
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Author: Carla Kelly. Julia Darling never expected to cook for some cowboys in Wyoming, but when she breaks off her engagement in Salt Lake City, it's the perfect opportunity for her to escape. Determined to stick the job out, Julia faces her biggest challenge yet - letting go of borrowed light to find her own testimony. Set in the early 1900s, this is one romantic adventure you'll never forget!