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Ebook - Becoming Beauty
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All ebook purchases include DRM-free downloads of the .MOBI file (Kindle, Kindle App) and the .EPUB file (iBooks, Nook, etc.).I forced myself to remain in place and look up at him instead of scuttling backward. "What is it you want with me?" I asked, trying for boldness but sensing the quaver in my voice."Nothing," he replied scornfully. "I want nothing from a useless child like you."Sent to a far-off castle as punishment, self-centered Bella has finally met her match. And he's far more a...

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Author: Jennette McCurdy. Four girls must pull together to solve a mystery at their school.

Benotripia 3: Keys to the Dream World - Paperback
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Roseabelle, Jessicana, and Astro are back! Roseabelle and her friends have retrieved the Stones of Horsh, but now the only way to save themselves is to destroy the Darvonians� power source, hidden deep within a dark island. Return to the magical land of Benotripia in this thrilling conclusion to Roseabelle�s adventures!