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Clan Destine - The Ferguson Farm Mystery - Paperback
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It should have been dark and stormy the night we moved into the old Ferguson Farm. Floor boards should have been creaking, bats should have been squeaking, and ghosts should have been shrieking in the wind - all warning us to leave and never come back. After all, everyone knew the old Ferguson Farm was haunted - haunted and, what was worse, cursed. Everyone knows that the old Ferguson Farm is haunted - everyone except Katie's parents. When the Destines buy the creepy farm with plans to turn it...

Alpine Series, Book 1: Makeover
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Men and luck don't mix for Sophie Reid.Ten years ago her father abandoned her and her mother for a younger, richer woman. The majority of boys her age ignore her. And now her boyfriend - the missionary she waited faithfully for over the last two years -- dumped her at the airport for a beautiful brunette he met in the mission field. Hurt and humiliated, Sophie vows to get even with Blake and get over him - fast.Desperate for a full-scale makeover, Sophie is determined to...

Calebs Quest
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Every choice we make puts us on one path or another. Thirteen-year-old Caleb has some tough choices ahead, but he's not alone - you're there to guide him! When Caleb's father is called to go to battle against the Lamanites, Caleb realizes it's up to him to find his father and get him home safely. Caleb's father isn't the only one in danger, though; Caleb will need to be quick, careful, and clever if he wants to succeed in his mission. One wrong choice could mean an end to his adventure - and...

Heaven Scent
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She'd wanted her father to pay more attention to her, and she'd wanted her family to be like it used to be. She hadn't wanted everything to change so drastically that she may not even survive it. As Liza proves herself a basketball star, everyone - from college basketball recruiters to the gorgeous Kyle Reynolds - seems to take note of her. Everyone, that is, except her own father. While her father is busy at his law practice, Liza learns about a strange new religion from Kyle. Could Kyle's...

Finding Faith Trilogy, Book 2: Having Hope
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Kit Matthews has waited for her missionary, Adam Bridger, for two long years. Just as they are getting to know each other again, Kit experiences feelings that she cannot ignore promptings that take her halfway around the world.Kit s soul is stirred by the plight of the orphans of Romania, and the connection she feels is compounded by her own abandonment at birth. Kit meets a charismatic Romanian medical student, Marcel, who shares her desire to help the children. When she challenges Marcel to...

Storm Testament VII: Walkara - Paperback
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Author: Nelson, Lee. The true story of the young savage from Spanish Fork Canyon who became the greatest horse thief in the history of the American West, the most notorious slave trader on the western half of a continent, the most wanted man in California, and the undisputed ruler over countless bands of Indians and a territory larger than the state of Texas, but his toughest challenge of all was to convince a beautiful Shoshone woman to become his squaw. ...

Captain Justo
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A 21-year-old prince inherits his family's most valuable starship. The ship is made of gold and uses music to harmonically open portals into eternity. He can travel outside of time in rivers of fire and energy that flow through the universe. He can fly from one galaxy to another in an instant, but there is a catch...he has to be a good person or the voyage kills him.

Ebook - Midnight Runner
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All ebook purchases include DRM-free downloads of the .MOBI file (Kindle, Kindle App) and the .EPUB file (iBooks, Nook, etc.)."Run." The soft whisper in her ear cut through the pitch-black hiding place. After the nightmare she had just endured, he was the only person she could still trust.She waited. The silence surrounded her like a heavy blanket."Run!" he shouted, and they took off in opposite directions.Orphaned, mistreated, and misunderstood, Moira has always dreamed of building a new life...

Wasatch Summer
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Author: Anola Pickett. While eleven-year-old Hannah Turner cares for the family's sheep alone in the mountains, she faces the most unlikely dangers - from snakes to Indians to the Bear Lake monster. This delightful coming-of-age novel will enthrall young and old alike as Hannah learns to overcome fears and trust in herself to make the right decisions.

Flames of Redemption
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Author: Michelle Thompson. Fifteen-year-old Jane Carter's last foster family was abusive. Broken and scarred, her search for healing with her new family, and the prospect of facing her abuser again, lead her to a decision: cling on to her hate, fear, and bitterness or, like the mythical phoenix, let herself be engulfed in flames and be reborn from the ashes.

Geek Girl
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Jen's life of partying and sneaking out has grown stale. So on a whim, Jen makes a bet to turn Trevor, a goody-two-shoes geek, into a ""bad boy."" As she hangs out with Trevor, however, she finds it's actually kinda fun being a geek. But when Trevor finds out about the bet, Jen must fight for the things she's discovered matter most: friendship, family, and, above all, love.

Ebook - The Cottage Park Puzzle
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All ebook purchases include DRM-free downloads of the .MOBI file (Kindle, Kindle App) and the .EPUB file (iBooks, Nook, etc.).She sat in her seat and looked over at her son's angelic countenance. His head had drooped a little to one side and a slight smile played on his lips. More tears coursed down her cheeks. We have met the devil, she thought, and his name is autism.Corky has always seemed a bit strange to the rest of the Cottage Park community. But they've mostly been willing to overlook...