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Stewardship of the Heart
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Using the full range of his creative styles, Richard Eyre helps us first to understand what stewardship is and then to see how its application can change the directions and multiply the joy of our lives. The author draws on quotations and creates case studies, metaphors, charts, free-verse poetry, and even a 48-page novella to draw us into the topic. Then, once we are inside, we become part of the book-part of the insight, part of the quest for stewardship of the heart. Stewardship of the...

Faith to Heal and to Be Healed
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Some years ago, Dennis B. Horne found himself visiting in the home of his stake patriarch, F. Briton McConkie, who was working on a family history project about his father, Oscar. Dennis inquired more about Oscar, and then spent an extraordinary hour listening to Briton recount several faith-promoting reminiscences. Dennis left the house, thinking not of the stories he had just heard, but of how much he yearned to develop a faith comparable to Oscar s.Although Dennis doesn t remember the...

Women of Virtue - Paperback
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""Mom, I look ugly."" How often have we heard our young daughters proclaim such a heartbreaking statement? In a world that has convinced young women they must look like supermodels to be considered beautiful, self-esteems and self-worth are suffering greatly. Jodie Marie Robinson refuses to allow her three daughters to grow up believing they are anything but beautiful. Not beautiful by the world s definition beautiful by the Lord s definition. And that definition is...

Hiking Boots and Gospel Truths: Building Testimonies in the Outdoors
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What do outdoor camping trips and hikes have to do with the gospel? Everything! In Hiking Boots and Gospel Truths, Mark D. Harrison shows youth and leaders alike how to make the most of their wilderness experiences. Learn lessons about: How temples are comparable to mountain tops How faith is built from camping when it s really, really cold How to rely on the Lord and on others for support and survival How the wilderness can strengthen you against religious apathy How a fifty-miler can prepare...

Stand as an Example Calendar
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Author: Annette Calton. Young women today face unprecendented pressures and demands. This perpetual calender offers daily encouragement for a virtuous life, reminders of a young woman's true divinity, and challenges to rise above the adversary. With daily scripture and an inspiring quote, you'll be ready to face life with confidence and a smile.

Secrets of the Prophets-What the Prophets Knew That Scientists Didnt
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Because of the unique duties of their call, prophets have a sacred responsibility to prepare us for the future. Backed by scripture, Dale Spears reminds us of what Amos knew long ago, that the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets. By presenting evidences of past revelations about science, medicine, and secular events, Secrets of the Prophets provides a fresh perspective on the role of prophets in our modern world. Read Secrets of the Prophets and...

Encompassing Charity
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Charity is the most important weapon we have to fight Satan in these last days. But how do you develop charity if you don't understand the boundaries that will allow it to grow? Joe Evans, a successful athlete and former BYU quarterback, shares his incredible story of becoming converted to the gospel and finding the true meaning of charity. Using the principles found in the New Testament, Joe combines personal stories with scriptural evidence to clearly define charity and teach you how to...

Gods Greatest Gifts: 10 Reasons to Rejoice
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Let us rejoice! In a profound and fresh approach, God's Greatest Gifts: 10 Reasons to Rejoice teaches about 10 gifts from God, which everyone has access to and which can help all to overcome hard times. These gifts, such as the Gift of Life and the Gift of Healing, cost no money, never wear out, and guide us homeward to our heavenly parents. Built on doctrines from the scriptures, teachings from Church leaders, and personal insights from the author, this well-written book offers readers the...

Womans Power: Threads That Bind Us to God, A - Hardcover
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In today's chaotic world, most women feel like they're hanging on by a single, ever-fraying thread. But the gospel teaches us differently. As daughters of God, we're blessed with lifelines from above. All we have to do is reach up and grab hold of them. The author simply and beautifully illustrates which threads have the strength and power to carry women of virtue to safety, peace, and lasting happiness.This inspiring work will help you hold fast to the divinity within you, as you learn just...

Mary Mother of Jesus
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Her faithfulness changed the world. Yet her life is still shrouded in mystery. Join renowned gospel scholar Bruce E. Dana in this comprehensive look at the life and daily customs of the Savior's mother, Mary. Written with clarity and purpose, this absorbing book will renew your own faith in how God uses seemingly ordinary people to accomplish his most extraordinary plans.

Sisterhood of Strength: True Stories of Miraculous Service, A
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Experience for yourself the pure love that inspires ordinary women to serve and accept service in a truly extraordinary manner. This inspiring collection of true stories from the lives of women just like you is told with heartwarming sincerity. Perfect for sharing, this remarkable book is sure to uplift, encourage, and cheer any woman, whether it's her turn to serve or be served.

Latter-day Responsibility: Choosing Liberty Through Personal Accountability - Paperback
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With our personal liberties under constant threat, it's up to Latter-day Saints everywhere to stand up for our freedoms. This compelling volume describes in detail the many responsibilities we must each perform if we truly wish to defend individual liberty in the latter-days. Including topics like faith, family, and financial freedom, this is a must-read for all members.