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Gods Wonder: 2016 HDR Photo Wall Calendar
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Photographer: Melissa J. Caldwell. Discover the beauty of each new day with this gorgeous 2016 calendar. Featuring stunning HDR photography and inspirational scripture verses, this twelve-month calendar makes a great gift and is a perfect visual reminder to seek out the good in the world around you.

Ebook - Remember
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All ebook purchases include DRM-free downloads of the .MOBI file (Kindle, Kindle App) and the .EPUB file (iBooks, Nook, etc.).Modern and ancient prophets have implored us to ���remember, remember.�۝In this enlightening and informative volume, popular author, speaker, and scholar Alonzo Gaskill shares his unique insights to help you remember what matters most. Remember the sacred nature of the sacrament.Remember who your children are.Remember to testify.Remember the name of Christ.Remember to...

Remember: Sacred Truths We Must Never Forget - Hardcover
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Author: Alonzo Gaskill. Expcted Release: Early May 2015. Life has a way of making us forget the timeless truths of eternity, especially when we get caught up in the tasks of today. Join popular author, speaker, and scholar Alonzo Gaskill in this enlightening examination of the most oft-forgotten doctrines that lead to eternal life. Inspiring and informative, this is a must-read book for all.

Doubt Your Doubts: Seeking Answers to Difficult Gospel Questions - Paperback
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Author: Chad Conrad. Expcted Release: Early May 2015. Why don’t women hold the priesthood? How should we deal with homosexuality? What about evolution? Even your toughest gospel questions can become testimony-builders with this timely and informative book. Unafraid to address hot-button issues, this is an eye-opening read that will strengthen your faith, help you confront controversial topics, and find answers you can apply to your everyday life.

Ebook - The Olive Tree (Kindle Only)
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This ebook purchase includes a DRM-free download of the .MOBI file (Kindle, Kindle App). Note: Item available for use on Kindle and Kindle App only.I will liken thee, O house of Israel, to a tame olive tree . . .Craft your conduit to heaven as you examine the olive tree parable more closely. This unique book will enhance your spiritual understanding with a one-of-a-kind experience that takes you beyond the story.Through artwork, adapted text, and hand-worked calligraphy, you'll...

I Saw Heaven
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Author: Lawerence E. Tooley. On September 19, 1972, when Larry Tooley's scaffold fell and he plunged to the concrete floor below, one of the most remarkable near-death experiences ever recorded began. I Saw Heaven! is the complete account of his accident and his extensive tour beyond the veil.As Larry's spirit left his body and journeyed upward, he passed through a foreboding fog and witnessed agonized souls in outer darkness. Then, drawn to a brilliant light and greeted by a being who...

Profiles in Mormon Courage (Stalwarts in the Storm)
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In a remarkable tribute to men of true character and valor, Profiles in Mormon Courage chronicles the lives of twelve individuals who had a profound impact on Latter-day Saint history. The stories included in these pages exemplify values and virtues that each of us can emulate to lead richer and more abundant lives, no matter our religious persuasion. In this inspiring volume, you""ll learn of people such as: Ephraim Hanks, a Mormon pioneer and a respected leader who saved countless...

Scriptural Discussion of Light, A
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D&C 84:45For the WORD of the Lord is TRUTH, and whatsoever is TRUTH is LIGHT, and whatsoever is LIGHT is SPIRIT, even the SPIRIT of Jesus Christ.From the celebrated CES author Allen J. Fletcher comes this book about two fictitious couples who discover new depths in the scriptures. As they learn and discuss gospel concepts, they realize that they haven't discovered new doctrines or revelations after all - they've simply uncovered what is already there!Many of us read the scriptures...

Life Lessons from the Book of Mormon
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Using unique personal experiences, trusted quotes from Church leaders, and other compelling stories that touch hearts and enlighten minds, Jack Christiansen and K. Douglas Bassett have created an indispensable guidebook to life that will leave a long and lasting impression.

Challenges and Choices: Discovering the Proper Use of Agency
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May you live in interesting times, the saying says. And so we do. But with interesting times come interesting - and sometimes excruciating - challenges. We chose to accept this path on earth even though we knew there would be challenges, temptations, and heartbreak. We decided it was worth it. We fought a war in heaven to obtain the experience of having a body and using our agency, the most powerful tool we wield against Satan. In Challenges and Choices, Alan Mangum gives six keys to...

Master Deceiver, The: Understanding Satans Lies and How to Resist Them
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(excerpt from book)Lie: You need to experience sin in order to understand the negative consequences so that you can warn others.A favorite among the lies Satan whispers, the illusion that sinning will actually aid us in helping others is a trap many fall into. Yet this trap is only a half-truth. While it is true that helping others is a good thing, the deception comes in convincing us that we cannot help others without first succumbing to, and therefore understanding, the sin.In this lie the...

Finding the Diamond Within: 10 Ways Every Woman Can Sparkle
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It's there inside of us all. Sometimes it just needs some polishing. Does it seem like happiness is just around the corner - all the time? Our modern race for the ""have-it-all"" finish line takes us on a trail far from a meaningful life. We end up in a craze, overeating, overscheduling, overpromising, and finally feeling totally overwhelmed. When was the last time you really felt fulfilled? There just aren't enough organic foods, saunas, or dark chocolates in the universe...