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Promptings or Me? Recognizing the Spirits Voice
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Author: Kevin Hinckley. Sometimes it seems impossible to find answers for life's important decisions. Even after praying, it can be difficult to discern the Spirit's voice from the other voices around us. Using his own special insights and his experience as a psychotherapist, Kevin Hinckley helps you answer the question we've all asked at one time or another: Is it a prompting, or is it just me?

The Art of Motherhood
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Covenant Motherhood
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Reflecting the Role of Christ in Our Lives

Angels watching over you
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True Stories of the Lord's Tender Mercies

Women of Strength
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Author: Tristi Pinkston. The need for courageous, faithful women has never been greater than it is today. As we draw nearer to the Second Coming of Christ, we are faced with temptations on every side. But we can prevail as we gain true strength from living the gospel. In Women of Strength, Tristi Pinkston shares inspiring stories, as well as insightful quotes from Church leaders, to demonstrate the power and influence of righteous women. This book invites women everywhere to deepen their...

Am I a Saint Yet: Healing the Pain of Perfectionism - Paperback
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Perfection for mortals is a mirage. Trying to be perfect steers us away from relying on the Lord and sabotages our spirituality. Discover how to recognize perfectionism in yourself and find relief for your soul in this encouraging book that combines scriptural principles with real-life case studies. Change your thinking and move onto a more authentic and joyful gospel path.

Questions of the Soul: Answers from the Book of Mormon - Paperback
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Author: David Christensen. Who am I? Where am I going? What am I doing here? Questions of the Soul provides keys to answer these and other similar questions. Organized as a resource to help the earnest seeker discover their own answers and to build testimonies, this book is a valuable resource for future and member missionaries.

Born of the Spirit - Paperback
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Author: Richard Packham. A knowledge of the gospel is enough to change the lives of those who embrace it. This change requires a spiritual commitment: being born of the Spirit. That birth is one of the most tremendous and significant experiences that can come to a person, and indeed is a requirement for exaltation in the kingdom of heaven. In Born of the Spirit, E. Richard Packham  brings together the essential doctrines and concepts surrounding and supporting this profound spiritual...

Twelve-Week Challenge - Paperback, The
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The Twelve-Week Challenge will guide you to eternal progression one step at a time, gradually revealing the keys to personal management and to a more fulfilling and provident lifestyle. CFI50831

Restored Gospel According to C. S. Lewis, The - Paperback
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Author: Nathan Jensen. If you are not familiar with the writings of C.S. Lewis, this book will startle you. If you are familiar with his works, no doubt you have already been startled. Either way, this book will cause you to consider things that you have not before considered. CFI16928

Temples: Sacred Symbolism, Eternal Blessings - Hardcover
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Author: David J. Ridges. Modern temples aren't just pretty white buildings—they are Heavenly Father's classrooms. When we enter His holy house, the Lord teaches us through symbols so we can understand and retain more of the sacred instruction provided there. In this book, David J. Ridges not only helps us find these symbols within temple walls, but he brings to light profound symbolism as found in ancient Israel’s tabernacle worship and elsewhere in scripture. As you understand the symbols...

Journey to the Veil - Paperback
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THE "HOW-TO" BOOK TO "VISIONS OF GLORY"! When doctors gave him 6 months to live, John Pontius (author of Visions of Glory) created a blog to leave his testimony with his children. However, thousands of followers of "UnBlog My Soul" were touched. Share in the journey as Pontius expresses his love and understanding of the gospel in a clear, beautiful way. This book compiles the most compelling blog entries and weaves the narrative of his journey to the veil.