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Saints at War: Inspiring Stories of Courage and Valor
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Sacrifice. Religion. Death. Read stories of courage and faith as told by valiant LDS veterans. Their uplifting testimonies will refresh your soul and recharge your patriotism as you read of their journeys to stay true to their beliefs and values in the midst of the chaos of war.

LDS Puzzle Pals Prophets and Apostles - Paperback
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Enjoy finding new treasures in the scriptures with Puzzle Pals - Prophets and Apostles! This puzzle book will immerse children in the scriptures as they search for answers to puzzles about prophets and apostles, both past and present. Children will learn about prophets and apostles through logic puzzles, mazes, and more! Pull out this book on Sunday afternoons or rainy days. Use it for family home evening activities. Let your homeschoolers do the puzzles as enrichment activities. With more...

Mormon Yankees, includes DVD
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Mormon Yankees, includes DVD. Author: Fred E. Woods foreward by Shawn Bradley. Did you know LDS-sponsored basketball teams were once a major missionary tool? Bounce back in time and discover for yourself how basketball influenced the growth of the Church in Australia. This inspiring book and DVD share the remarkable true stories of early Church basketball stars. Sure to entertain fans of all ages, it's perfect for the whole family.

Return and Continue with Honor - Paperback
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Author: Brock Booher. Bring your mission habits home! This handy guidebook is the perfect size to take you from your first day home through the weeks and months that follow. Ideal for newly returning missionaries and their parents, family, and friends, this book will teach you how to have a successful transfer to the next phase of your life. CFI16836

Sharing the Gospel Through Social Media - Paperback
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Author: Erin Ann McBride. Follow the prophets’ call and learn how to use your social media skills for good! This comprehensive guide shows you how to kindly and respectfully spread the good news of the gospel through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, your blog, and in many other ways. Perfect for leaders or the everyday Saint, it will help your whole family become modern member missionaries! CFI16553

Born of the Spirit - Paperback
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Author: Richard Packham. A knowledge of the gospel is enough to change the lives of those who embrace it. This change requires a spiritual commitment: being born of the Spirit. That birth is one of the most tremendous and significant experiences that can come to a person, and indeed is a requirement for exaltation in the kingdom of heaven. In Born of the Spirit, E. Richard Packham  brings together the essential doctrines and concepts surrounding and supporting this profound spiritual...

Twelve-Week Challenge - Paperback, The
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The Twelve-Week Challenge will guide you to eternal progression one step at a time, gradually revealing the keys to personal management and to a more fulfilling and provident lifestyle. CFI50831

Hebrew Roots of Mormonism - Paperback
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The Hebrew Roots of Mormonism describes Christianity's original roots in Hebrew traditions and culture, then explains how Mormonism is the faithful inheritor of those traditions. CFI11367

Restored Gospel According to C. S. Lewis, The - Paperback
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Cedar Fort Item #: 16928-CDFT-L327 -

Author: Nathan Jensen. If you are not familiar with the writings of C.S. Lewis, this book will startle you. If you are familiar with his works, no doubt you have already been startled. Either way, this book will cause you to consider things that you have not before considered. CFI16928

Missionary Questions of the Soul: Answers from the Book of Mormon - Paperback
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Author: David A. Christensen. Is there a God? How can I find happiness in this life? How do I know if I'm feeling the Spirit? Missionary Questions of the Soul provides keys to answer these and other similar questions—questions you may ask yourself as you prepare to serve a mission or that investigators may ask you in the field. With this resource, the earnest seeker will discover their own answers and build testimonies. [21] CFI15327

52 Weeks to Fortify Your Family: 5-Minute Messages - Paperback
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Author: Nicole Carpenter. Arm your children against the fiery darts of the adversary. These small and simple daily devotionals will help them make good decisions and strengthen their testimonies. Designed to get your family studying the scriptures, this book includes a new theme for each week and new scriptures, quotes, and questions for each day so you can discuss the gospel together. Quick and easy, this book will help keep your family close to the Spirit. CFI16065

500 Little-Known Facts about Joseph Smith - Paperback
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Learn facts about the Prophet Joseph Smith that you never knew. With interesting trivia, inspiring stories, and even his patriarchal blessing included, 500 Little-Known Facts about Joseph Smith is a perfect book to have on hand for your family, for teaching lessons, or for personal study. Discover who Joseph was and gain a new glimpse into his life. [2] CFI15242