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A is for Abinadi: An Alphabet Book of Scripture Heroes - Hardcover
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Author: Heidi Poelman. This adorably illustrated alphabet book teaches kids the stories of some of the amazing men and women who lived in biblical and Book of Mormon times. Each page has a scripture hero starting with each letter of the alphabet, as well as other objects for your kids to find, starting with the same letter. Use this unique book to teach your children about prophets from Abinadi to Zoram and see them grow up holding these spiritual giants as their heroes and examples,...

Stories of the Childrens Songbook: How the Primary Songs Came to Be - Paperback
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Author: Patricia Kelsey Graham. Since the meeting of the first Primary, poets and composers have shared their talents to create songs for Latter-day Saint children. This impressive volume about the making of the Children's Songbook includes a variety of sources and stories not available to the public. Discover the miracles and memories behind the songs you love in this valuable and inspiring book. CFIC6911

Ebook - I Hope They Call Me on a Mission (Kindle Only)
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This ebook purchase includes a DRM-free download of the .MOBI file (Kindle, Kindle App). Note: Item available for use on Kindle and Kindle App only.Discover what it's really like to be a missionary!This fun picture book takes you into the daily life of full-time missionary work. Each page highlights a different aspect of being a missionary. As missionaries, we teach people about the gospel of Jesus Christ and how we can live together forever with our families in the celestial...

Family Home Evening Adventures Set (Book and CD-Rom)
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Cedar Fort Item #: C9738-CDFT-K833 -

Author: Rebecca Irvine. Take the stress out of family home evening scripture study. It s Monday night, and you re ready for another fun-filled, family activity. Family Home Evening Adventures is the perfect way to keep your children focused on the scriptures to build their testimonies. Filled with 12 fun seasonal activities, puzzles, questions, and lessons, this book lets you effectively plan for the entire year with a theme for each month. Your children will learn gospel topics such...

New Testament Puzzle Book
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Puzzle lovers are guaranteed to love the New Testament Puzzle Book. Work through dozens of puzzles, including crosswords, word searches, hangman, word webs, and more. Learn about the people and places of the New Testament, and put the fun back into studying the scriptures. This book is ideal for kids, teens, and even adults.

Ebook - Seek and Find: Book of Mormon Stories (Kindle Only)
Price: $5.99
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CFI Item #: E09920-CDFT-EBOOK -

This ebook purchase includes a  DRM-free download of the .MOBI file (Kindle, Kindle App). Please note: This ebook will only work on Kindle devices or the Kindle App. PLAY HIDE AND SEEK through the stories of the Book of Mormon with this fun, interactive game book. Perfect for family activities, Primary, and bedtime, it's a great way to learn scripture stories as you search for your favorite heroes! CAN YOU FIND: Nephi building the boat Enos praying The angel who appeared to Alma the...

My First Book of Mormon Activity Book, Volume 2
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Even your youngest child can have fun learning Book of Mormon stories from Alma to Moroni. *Help the Jaredites through the maze to cross the ocean or color Jesus with the children. Connect the dots, do a word cross, and more with your favorite Book of Mormon heroes!

Seek and Find: Book of Mormon Stories - Hardcover
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Cedar Fort Item #: 15280-CDFT-2I22K -

Author: Jason Pruett. Search for Nephi, Moroni, and other hidden prophets and characters from the scriptures in this fun picture game book. Featuring scenes from the Book of Mormon, this book will keep kids entertained as they look for their favorite scripture heroes and hidden objects in the colorful illustrations. Perfect for home, church, or on the go, it makes learning the scriptures fun for everyone. CFI15280 ...

Ebook - My Heavenly Father Loves Me
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All ebook purchases include DRM-free downloads of the .MOBI file (Kindle, Kindle App) and the .EPUB file (iBooks, Nook, etc.)."Yes, I know Heavenly Father loves me."Teach your children of God�۪s great love with the lyrics of My Heavenly Father Loves Me in this cute and colorful board book. Perfect for little listeners, it will help them find His hand in all the beautiful things around them���from the song of a bird to the color of the blue, blue sky. ...

Mormon Origami - Paperback
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You no longer have to worry about sacrament programs being folded into paper airplanes; now, your kids can fold CTR shields, pioneer handcarts, or the Salt Lake Temple! As you develop the unique skill of creating these simple-to-intermediate origami designs, you will find opportunities to use them with all ages for lessons, activities, crafting, and everyday fun!

I Want to be Baptized - Hardcover
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Help your little ones recognize the joy, responsibility, and importance of being baptized. I Want to Be Baptized-from the same author and illustrator who brought you The Holy Ghost Is like a Blanket-depicts what baptism really means for children's lives by comparing it to objects they remember and relate to. Turn to these heartwarming illustrations and meaningful analogies next time a child asks you about baptism.