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    One lie saved Ellary’s life, but another may cause her to lose it. With just a few simple words, Ellary goes from poverty to nobility—and lands right in the middle of a society that will soon crumble under the weight of hierarchy. The only way to survive is to assume the role that she was never prepared for, or her future will rest at the of tip of a blade.

    Author: Constance Roberts
    Specifications: 5.5 x 8.25 - 256 pages
    Expected Release: Early July 2016

    Overall Customer Rating of 7 Reviews:

    Great book!

    This a fast paced book so you will get through it quickly. This book is basically The Selection By Kiera Cass meets Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard but with its own twist, making it unique in its own way. We really enjoyed the many nice elements that the author put in this story. So we have our main character Ellary which has such a unique personality. She is kind of an oblivious person sometimes in certain situations but other than that she is sweet, caring, courteous, and considerate.


    Constance Roberts really knows how to start a book off with a bang!

    Constance Roberts really knows how to start a book with a bang and keep the intensity going throughout the whole thing so that you won't want to put the book down! I loved the plot of this one from beginning to end.

    It starts with our heroine Ellary. She finds her father fighting an unknown foe in their stable. And doing just what anyone would do, she finds the nearest thing she can to defend him. It happens to be a shovel. She smacks the man in the head and both she and her father are sure that he's dead. She feels terrible, she's killed a highborn officer. But luck smiles upon her when she takes a strong smelling potion from a friend and the man appears to come back to life.

    Still...he can recognize her and she spends time waiting for someone to come after her. She's not surprised when another officer comes for her a few weeks later to take her to the king. But she is surprised when she learns the reason. The officer that she thought she killed has told everyone that she brought him back to life and now the king is expecting her to make a potion that will revive dead people. Not knowing quite what to do, she agrees to try and this starts her adventures in the king's household.

    I love the number of characters and groups that are in this book. There are a bunch of classes of highborn people all grouped in families. There are also plenty of lowborn people to get to know.

    I love the way that Ellary has always thought that she was one thing, only to find out during her adventure in the castle that she's really another thing. But that doesn't stop her destiny. I love the way that she eventually decides that she doesn't really care what others think she is, she wants to be what she thinks she is and has always wanted to be. She's such a strong character, a great roll model for our young women trying to become what they're meant to become.

    I love the way this book has action and adventure, mystery, and a touch of love with a completely clean plot line. Such a great book that I didn't want to put down!

    I was sent an e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


    Intriguing story

    Sigil in Shadow is a nice surprise. Although it takes place in the past, in a fantasy land, it almost has a modern feel as the story progresses, which makes it easy to read. There are a lot of secrets surrounding Ellary and her family and the way the book unfolds is charming.

    Ellary is summoned to the castle by the king after a situation arises that's completely out of her hands. There are great moments of intrigue and mystery that develop, but the execution (in places) is a turbulent.

    I adore a story with good friendships and this book is heavy on loyalty, adventure, and mysterious circumstances. Throw in a few shady characters and the plot thickens. As my followers know, I also love a good, clean romance but this isn't what drives the story (a little to my disappointment) and it plays a very minor role. I would have loved to see this angle expanded on, as there is a lot of potential and would have made things more believable.

    There are many elements to the story that drew me in--from masquerades, to potions, to royalty, to danger. I only wish that a few of the characters and situations had been developed just a little bit more because I'd really like to understand some of these motives better. The story flows along at a nice pace and then gets rough towards the end, with a few loose ties that just didn't quite make sense. All in all, it is a fun read.

    Content: mild innuendo (implications of affairs, adultery); mild violence. Clean.

    *I received a copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review*


    Enter a world of intrigue and danger

    Sigil in Shadow

    By Constance Roberts

    You're only as safe as your secrets...

    Ellary Dane has lived a simple life, one of good honest, hard work. But when she comes to the aid of her father her life is about to become very complicated and endangered. With a secret to keep hidden away from King Lorron and the nobility she fears discovery at any moment.

    Yet her time is not one of constant wariness as she is apprenticed and given the opportunity to learn and expand her knowledge and skills. Skills that she hopes to take back to her home and her father, if she is allowed to leave White Valley and its treacheries behind.

    But Ellary's very appearance stirs up an unexpected link to the past one that has her questioning all that she thought she knew about herself and her family. With a warning to "trust no one in White Valley", Ellary must determine who she can trust - her very life depends on it...

    Raised as the daughter of a common laborer Ellary has no understanding of how the royal and noble structure works. But she needs to learn quickly because someone seems determined to bring her down and they'll use any means necessary to do it.

    When treachery strikes Ellary is implicated. Worse she and her supposed accomplice may never make it out of the dungeons to face their accusers. The identity of their common enemy is a mystery to which neither holds the answer. And answering this question is a matter of survival if they hope to escape the block.

    Sigil in Shadow is a delightful book that will appeal to YA fans who like clean reads and court intrigue. Sometimes the surface we see covers unfathomable depths we could never imagine and this book examines in part these hidden depths.

    Though there is no mention of a sequel I would love to read further into the lives of these various characters who filled these pages.

    I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

    Enjoyed this book immensely

    This book is a tale of a young peasant girl, Ellary, and how she finds herself immersed in palace life as both the student of a physician and a close friend of a princess, after saving the life of a palace official.

    The world Roberts immerses you in is colorful and bright. You truly feel as if you are one of the court as you hop alongside Ellary on her lessons in herbs, and her nightly escapades with her friends to dances. I believe Roberts has a huge strength in writing historical and old world/fantasy fiction. She just comes naturally into this genre and so I believe that is where she should focus her next book. I could see her being very successful in Christian historical/fantasy fiction if she continues to grow as a writer.

    Ellary is a relatable character that women will sympathize with, and who readers will come to like. She can be a bit hard on herself, and at times I wish she was more light-hearted, but it’s not so much that it’s distracting to the reader so I can accept this as just part of the main character’s personality.

    I liked this book better than Roberts other tale, Onyx Moon, because I felt there was a perfect balance of world building and background information as well as things actually going on in the story. Roberts intertwined the world building with the story, instead of giving a big info dump, which is how it should be done, so bravo. The story was a good length, long enough to satisfy the reader but not so long it felt a burden. The storytelling is light, and has a breezy feel to it as you skim through the pages. You don’t have to put a lot of effort into this story. It comes naturally to you, and the reader simply fits into the world and is able to walk alongside Ellary without having to struggle, which I like.

    Teens and young women will find this novel relatable and appealing. It is a fun book that I will read again, and will be recommending to others. Roberts has the potential to craft some amazing things and I don’t doubt, with time, she can become one of the heavy-hitters in her genre.