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    Will Hawkins is just a mere stable boy. How can he ever think to woo Ella, his once-wealthy childhood friend who is stubbornly independent, especially when his competition is the prince? Without any magic or fairy godmothers, Will must show Ella that he is her true prince charming in this perspective twist of the Cinderella story.

    Author: Jessilyn Stewart Peaslee
    Specifications: 5.5 x 8.25 - 272 pages
    Expected Release: Early September 2016

    Overall Customer Rating of 6 Reviews:

    Will's Perspective!

    I absolutely loved "Ella" and was excited to read this! We learn about Will in this book and what was going through his mind.

    Will was close to Ella's father but, after his death, went away for a while so at first he becomes reacquainted with her. He's surprised by what he learns and is impressed with the way Ella handles herself.

    I enjoyed Will's story but still love Ella's more! I knew what would happen but didn't feel like it was necessarily the same story. Will's life was different than what I had imagined. I did know how incredibly selfless he was and that he truly wanted the best possible life for Ella, even if that included watching her marry someone else. This book highlights how amazing and genuine he is!

    It's been a while since I've read "Ella" and I would love to read them back to back at some point to get more out of the entire story. I missed her voice in this book and have forgotten some of the details. I absolutely love the twists in the story that make it more realistic. These books are fantastic and I will definitely read them again and share them with my daughter. If you enjoy fairy-tale retellings, these are two books you will want to read!

    I received a copy of this book from the publisher for an honest review. My opinion is 100% my own.


    Loved this book told from a different perspective!

    I had a great time reading this book! I loved that this book is the same story as Jessilyn Peaslee's Ella, just told from Will's perspective. That brought a whole new level of awesomeness for me. It's so much fun to kind of get the he said, she said thing going on.

    I still liked Will, I loved all of the things that he selflessly did for Ella, that she really had no idea he had even done, so they were missing from her side of the story. I loved that he had been working so hard to be able to ask her to marry him so that he could remove her from the terrible life she was leading, yet, as soon as she had a legitimate chance for a way better life with the prince he backed off and was willing to allow her to take the chance if it was offered.

    I liked the way I saw Ella in a different light as well. I liked Ella in the first book, but I loved the way that Will saw the things she was doing and the way he saw her almost made her into a saint. I loved the way that Ella taught Will, by example, that kindness and forgiveness is always the best route to take.

    I loved this cute, clean, fun, fairy-tale style book!

    I was sent an e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

    Mebane, NC

    truest of true love story

    The name of Jessilyn Stewart Peaslee became precious to me late last year, as soon as I read and fell completely in love with her first novel, Ella. I read many books last year as a frequent book reviewer for Cedar Fort Publishing, and her book was one of my top two favorites.

    Back in June of this year, she contacted me and asked me to read the nearly final draft of her new companion novel to Ella, called Ella’s Will, and write an endorsement of it. I was honored and thrilled to be asked to do so. When I had written my review of Ella just seven months before, I wrote:

    “I was just as much in love with the character of Will, her childhood friend. The story wasn’t told from his perspective, but it didn’t matter, because the author painted his thoughts and feelings through his nonverbal, verbal, and physical communication. It was brilliant.”

    What an absolute treat to be able to read the same lovely, romantic story from the perspective of Will. After I eagerly read the draft, I thought very carefully about my endorsement. This is what I came up with:

    “The question of how to be a great man is one that has been asked throughout time. Through the eyes, heart, and hands of Will Hawkins, the reader will be enveloped with the delicate answer. Ella’s Will is a story of sacrifice, selflessness, courage, and the truest of true love. Your heart will be touched over and over again by Will and his Ella.”

    Even though I had already had the opportunity to read Ella’s Will once, I knew I wanted to do the blog tour as well. I just had to have a copy of it for my bookshelf at home. The cover of the book is beautiful, as is the title. I love the double meaning. Throughout his time with Ella, Will learns her true character – that she is one who must rescue herself in her own ways, and follow her own heart. He couldn’t save her or change her will, no matter how much he wanted to take away her anguish.

    I loved Will Hawkins even more from reading Ella’s Will. He wasn’t a perfect young man – he was sarcastic, sometimes hot-headed, letting his anger overcome him, and often unforgiving. To be honest, I love it when authors make the protagonist imperfect. This way he has a chance to grow and develop through choices, revelations, and circumstances. Despite his faults, though, Will was a wonderful person. As I indicated in my endorsement, he was completely selfless when it came to Ella. He sacrificed time, sleep, and even broke rules to help her in any way he could. He loved her more than in any love story I have ever read, and he showed it by making decisions that weren’t convenient for him, but were rather painful, robbing him of true joy, all in the name of what he felt would bring his Ella ultimate happiness.

    Did Will always make the best decisions? Was he always courageous? No, he wasn’t. But, his heart was pure, and I feel that any man reading this novel would find qualities in Will that they would wish to emulate to better appreciate, admire, and cherish the women they love.

    If you sit down to read Ella’s Will expecting an exact replica of the Cinderella story, you will be disappointed. It is very different, though the background of Ella’s circumstances are mostly the same as in the original. The story of Cinderella is absolutely beautiful and full of great meaning, but so are Ella and Ella’s Will. Open your mind to something a little different, and see how this new take on the story can touch the depths of your soul. I highly recommend not only reading this novel, but also Ella. You can understand Ella’s Will, and love it on its own, but you will love it even more if you also read Ella, to get her perspectives, and the details behind her suffering that Will so desperately wanted to end.

    Jessilyn Stewart Peaslee is an extremely talented author, and I love both of her novels. My one complaint with Ella’s Will, though, is that Will is sometimes overly flowery in his thoughts about Ella. Sometimes I felt I was rereading the same sentiments over and over again. As a man completely in love with every fiber of his being, perhaps this was realistic. But, I felt some of that language could have been removed to keep the story moving. Overall, though, I loved reading from Will’s perspective – not only his interactions and thoughts about Ella, but also his personal life – his friends, his job, his home, his dreams.

    As I stated in my endorsement, if you want to know what a real man is, or how to become one, this is the book to read. These two novels I will never forget, and they will never leave the safety of my bookshelf. Please read them both.

    Old Standards Hold True

    Beautiful and beloved only daughter of a kind, generous, recently-deceased widower.

    Stepmother and stepsisters who are narcissistic, vain and just plain cruel.

    And a great, countryside manor falling into disrepair as the daughter of the house tries vainly to keep it—and her step family—cared for.

    Sound familiar?

    This is a new twist on the old, familiar story, as told by the young man who figures strongly in the tale.

    Ella, struggling to fulfil her father’s final wishes, has become little more than a slave in her own household. But she carries on.

    Will, who has loved her since the days he served her father, watches her pain and suffering, helpless to offer any aid.

    And then Ella falls under the purview of the Prince. A young man who spells, at once, Ella's salvation and Will's doom.

    Which man will act as her final escort to the ball?

    Ella’s Will is a gentle, beautiful story of love, patience, responsibility, and honour.

    As well as good old virtues like dependability, duty, restraint, kindness and most of all forgiveness.

    But Ella’s Will begs the question: Which is worse? Suffering oneself, or watching a loved one suffer?

    I enjoyed my little trip into Ella and Will's world immensely.

    Give Ella’s Will a read.

    It’s a trip worth taking!


    LOVE Ella's Will

    This is a review from my daughter. She was so excited to get another Ella book. She REALLY loves these 2 books! She has lent them to friends and referred them to many people! She jumped around with excitement when this book came in the mail!

    From my daughter:

    This charming story is so beautifully written. I just loved it! Fair warning, I mistook this as a sequel instead of just a different view. Just as good all the same, but can be confusing through the first chapters as to why Ella was not the main focus, as she was in Ella.

    This book is of the Small town boy, Will. Will is just going home after hard work at the royal stables when he sees a girl in a thin little dress and no shoes...their relationship takes off from there. Will wants to take Ella away from the abusive family, but Ella won't go. While working, Will overhears the prince talking about a ball thrown in his honor. Every maiden in the kingdom is invited to try to become the next princess...and that includes Ella, she having the same qualities that the prince says he wants. Join Will in his internal battle... he wants to marry her, but at the same time he wants to let the prince marry her and give her a better life than he could provide. Such an amazing novel!!! I give it 5 stars!!! I've let a couple of my friends read it and they loved it as much as I do!!! It's a great book and I hope that there'll be another book whether it's a sequel or another different view of the story...maybe the prince...or Ella being a mom...or something else. I'm not an author, just a reader in love with these books. :-)