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    And so, it followed me, this dream. It launched me on a journey.

    But I never imagined that the journey would nearly cost me my life.

    <br>Jenna Clark tries to keep her bleak childhood memories buried in Montana’s Bitterroot Valley, but a newfound secret about her father’s identity forces her to dig into her past. With the help of Michael Callahan—the charming man she meets at her uncle’s ranch—she delves deeper into a history that would rather stay hidden. When harmless pranks quickly turn into aggressive threats, Jenna must decide whether to run away one more time or face her past with courage and finally let love into her heart.

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    Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:

    Heart of the Bitterroot

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    • suspense
    The story line was well-paced, and kept me engaged. Told in first person and peppered with flashbacks, I got a real sense of who Jenna was. Jenna lived her life--supervisor for Delta at the local airport in Missoula, family and friends, a wedding, and a boyfriend, or at least a friend of the male persuasion that showed up—life one the surface, safe, predictable. Then she is introduced to a new man. Jenna’s insecurities combined with his challenges with grief added up to an emotionally-charged relationship that could have gone either way. An air of mystery and intrigue surrounded her search for her father which kept me engaged to the end.

    I also loved how the author wove in the symbolism of the bitterroot plant into the story. A good book.

    I was provided an advanced reader's copy of this book and happily volunteered to review it.


    A beautiful and moving story about family and roots

    • story
    • values
    Heartbeat of the Bitterroot

    By Janice Mineer

    The cover alone is reason enough pick up this book and read it - the cover is gorgeous but the real treat comes from what is hidden within. Jenn Clark was fortunate that she was able to spend as much of her childhood with her Aunt Ann, Uncle Martin, and cousins - if not for their love and support she may have found herself as adrift in life as her late mother was. But her early years have laid a foundation that has made a mark and she feels that she will never have the family that she wants or any family if her boyfriends are any indication.

    But Jenna has come back to her roots in Montana with her latest job transfer and she is determined to find what she is missing and to spend time with the family who has loved her through the years. And to start off she's about to attend her cousin's wedding - a wedding that may, in fact, reveal a little-known secret about her past and her father.

    But the revelation that she never knew her father is a revelation to more than Jenna. But with the passage of so much time can she ever hope to find the truth as to who she is? This journey will allow Jenna to see her mother in a new light.

    But when Jenna finds her safety threatened the question becomes why. Is it related to her search for answers about her past or is it related to something entirely different? And then there is Michael Callahan her cousin Jack's friend who has somehow found himself involved in Jenna's search. Is he someone that Jenna could trust her heart with? Or is his heart already taken?

    Altogether this is a beautiful story that one will want to re-read. The characters are alive and one can empathize with them. Well, maybe not Jenna's jerk maybe-ex-boyfriend Derek. And I loved the subtle weaving of the strength and beauty of the Bitterroot throughout the story as a parallel to Jenna's own.

    I was provided a review copy of this book by the publisher with no expectations of a positive review. All expressed opinions are my own.