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    She has the wedding. Now all she needs is the groom...

    Annabelle Pleasanton has just been given the chance of a lifetime: A $50,000 "Dream Wedding" sponsored by posh Monterey jeweler, John Wilfred. All she has to do is sign on the dotted line.

    The only problem? She's not technically, 100 percent, all-the-way engaged. Her best friend Carrie has seen the ring, and her boyfriend Isaac's been dropping all kinds of hints—but something seems to be keeping him from popping the question.

    Could it be that Isaac's family has someone else picked out for him—perfect-haired, former model Chloe Payne? Or the fact that Annabelle's on the cusp of a huge job promotion in Monterey while Isaac's talking about moving to LA? Or maybe it has something to do with Alex, the guy who broke Annabelle's heart seven years ago, who is suddenly back in the picture with his fancy house, fancy car, and an apparent fancy for Annabelle. Join Annabelle in this hilarious novel from the author of The Icing on the Cake as she navigates the crazy, often chaotic twists of life and love—and learns some very important lessons along the way about what really matters most.