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    Author: Ann Farnsworth. Expected Release: Early August, 2015. When a series of secret letters throws the ascendancy line of the British throne into disarray, only one person can prove the rightful heir—and everything depends on a stone that’s been lost for centuries. This high-stakes thriller leads you on a deadly chase around the world, following clues from King David. A mind-blowing mystery with an ending you’ll have to read to believe!
    Overall Customer Rating of 4 Reviews:

    Great book!

    4.5 stars

    Fiction books linked to ancient legends are a genre that I tend to enjoy. The Throne of David is a wonderful blend of modern day and legends. .

    Before I read this book I had not heard of the Stone of Scone. I began to wonder if this was a fictional relic that the author had made up and described a thought out and fascinating history about. Of course, I had to google it and find that it is a real relic from Ireland and Scotland. It may have origins in Hebrew or Egypt. Ann Farnsworth did a great job at incorporating the legends and making a fascinating fictional story.

    The history behind the relic and the quest to find it were my favorite parts of the story. The book holds quite a bit more than that in it's pages. It is a hunt to find players in a royal scandal. It is action and adventure, romance, and mystery. This book has a lot of depth to it's plot.

    The characters seemed like real life people. They had depth, flaws, commitment, and loyalty. Even the bad guys had some of those traits. I liked that the story took place on two continents. The author spend time with both stories. They are connected and complimentary to each other.

    This book does have some violence and sweet romance.

    Interesting Concept, not the best execution

    I was interested in this because of these topics:

    1) Hebrew esoteric history

    2) Celtic Christianity

    3) British royal history

    4) It all takes place in the United Kingdom and Ireland

    The Throne of David by Ann Farnsworth is a mystery thriller, and while I'm not too keen on those, it still was an interesting read. The protagonist is David Lord, who is somewhat of a freelance detective from an accounting firm, or something like that. I never really quite grasped what he did. He is contacted by a college best friend who is the personal secretary of Prince George. A letter was found pertaining to the Prince that could lead to the change of the throne. David goes to England to help, but his friend is killed. Happenstancely, he meets the sister of his friend, Camryn, whose husband has been MIA for a long time in Afghanistan. The secret police follow them step for step and always try to capture them as they try to make sense of how the Stone of Scone (the historical mythological rock that is under the British Coronation Throne) is related to the Pillow of Jacob (a rock Old Testament Jacob laid his head on to sleep and then had a vision of God). Meanwhile, in the US, David hires ex-military information man Enrique to search for women mentioned in this romantic letter to Prince George to see if there were any children born.

    I'm not going to mention more than that because I don't want to give anything away.

    What I liked:

    - The legends and myths of the Stone of Scone, leading into Celtic Christianity esoteric history and connecting it to the Pillow of Jacob. I really enjoyed reading about that since I had no idea about any connection previous. I want to go do my own research on it now.

    - Always full of action

    What I didn't like:

    - I thought a lot of it was a bit cheesy or unbelievable--action and dialogue were sometimes forced or very cliche, dreams and visions with mystical powers didn't mesh well with the very realistic description of plot. The characterizing of the very Irish and the very Scottish was almost caricature-ized.

    - At points, some information or events were a little confusing

    - Information overload. A lot of times, there'd be a few pages of characters just stating the legends and lore, as if they were reading a Wikipedia article vertabum. It wasn't very well integrated into the novel.

    If you like clean thrillers or clean mysteries with no graphic romance or graphic violence, then this is for you.

    If you like Celtic, Hebrew, esoteric, Christian, or British history, then you might be interested in this.


    This book caught my attention from the very beginning and I didn't want to put it down until I had read every last word. It begins with three school boys who want to open a locker. What they find is amazing, a mailbag missing for more than thirty years. One of the letters, when delivered, sets in motion danger, and adventure for American David Lord. He is called by a friend to find out just who could be the heir for the British throne, and that friend is killed before he's able to reveal anything to David. David must unlock the mystery of the letter on his own, and some of it from a different continent. Danger lurks around every corner for him and anyone that he has had contact with. Will he be able to figure out this mystery before he is killed?

    The plot of this book is so great! I love the way the author went about it. It's great how David has to figure out a way to investigate women in American while he himself is in England. I love that there were almost two parallel story lines running as David went about investigating the stone in the British Isles and his employee went about investigating in America.

    I love that there was a touch of romance to this one, but that's not what the whole book is about. It's a clean book, filled with mystery and suspense. The ending was amazing. I didn't see it coming at all. And neither did any of the characters. So great! Make sure you pick up a copy of this great book!


    Page-Turning Mystery Adventure

    Right from the beginning this story drew me in. There is mystery and intrigue and a wonder of what truly happened. This book truly does feel like the Raiders of the Lost Ark at times, with it's historical and religious history that ties into their search for a treasure or the truth. I am not a history or religious scholar, but it all felt very authentic and added greatly to the story.

    There is murder, romance, mystery, suspense and even faith throughout this story. It really is very compelling and great read. There was also some great twists that I did not expect. I highly recommend this book. Even with all of the action and suspense the book is still what I classify as a clean book.